Mt. Baker as seen from the Canadian side

Langley Cribbage League Rules

  1. All Teams must be situated in Langley Municipality or Langley City.
  2. Each Team is entitled to sixteen players.
  3. Each Team shall consist of twelve players.
  4. No substitutions after play has started without the consent of the captain of the opposing Team.
  5. Each home Team shall supply new cards and boards.
  6. Each game to count total points, six games to be played at each of six tables; home Team moves; no standing around around table with Teams still playing.
  7. If a Team is unable to field a team, at least twelve hours notice must be given or opposing Team wins 19 - O.
  8. Any player found willfully cheating will be expelled from the tournament and the opposing Team awarded the game at the table.
  9. Winners of the League will hold the League Trophy for the year; the Banquet to be put on by all Teams.
  10. All entries to be in by date set each year.
  11. Two members from each Team shall be appointed to the League executive.
  12. League President, Vice-President and Secretary/Treasurer to be elected each year.
  13. All games to start at 8pm
  14. No coaching allowed or opposing Team may claim game.
  15. Game may be won on Jack turning up.
  16. Cut for crib. King high. Ace low. Low man deals each game.
  17. Players cutting cards must not look or show the card cut; if shown, opposing Team may demand a new deal.
  18. If a player pegs backwards the opposing Team may demand the pegs be left where they are.
  19. If two Teams tie for top points in the first Half, the tie will be broken by how they scored playing each other during the Half. The one with the most points wins the 1st Half.
    If they are still tied then the combined points for 1st and 2nd Half will decide who wins 1st Half.
    If one Team wins first Half outright and ties for 2nd Half then the alternate will win the 2nd Half and there will be a Playoff.
    If one Team wins both Halves outright, no ties, they will automatically win the League Trophy and Top combined 1st and 2nd Half totals of the remaining 5 teams will decide which Team comes in 2nd without a Playoff.
    The remaining 4 teams will play a 3 week Round Robin for 3rd place.
  20. League to be played in two Halves, winners to play home and home games for championships.
    In case of a tie, the teams will play further rounds until the tie is broken.
    If both Captains agree, they could play a complete third week to break the tie
  21. If an extra card is discovered in a hand or crib and that player has had his first round after play has started, that hand or crib immediately becomes dead.